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  • Research in a Minute: Probability vs. Non-Probability Sampling

    by Marc Ryan | Jan 28, 2011
    One of my personal gripes about the field of market research is that a very small percentage of the population knows the essential lessons of how to conduct good research. Yet, I consistently find that most people feel they know everything they need to know about how research works.
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  • InsightExpress Announces LiveInsights

    by InsightExpress | Jan 24, 2011
    InsightExpress, a leading digital marketing research firm, announced today the launch of LiveInsights, a powerful new real-time campaign measurement, optimization and reporting tool for brand marketers. Previewed by NBC Universal as part of its Universal Advertising Platform (UAP), LiveInsights is now being released more broadly across the media industry.
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  • The Importance of Weighting in Advertising Effectiveness Studies

    by Molly Elmore | Jan 20, 2011
    Over the past year or two, there has been considerable buzz in the industry about new tactics for online advertising effectiveness surveys that only require study respondents to answer one question. By keeping surveys extremely short, the completion rates are higher, and many more respondents can be included in studies.
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  • Our Latest Mobile Advertising Effectiveness Norms

    by InsightExpress | Jan 18, 2011
    The latest release of InsightExpress’ Mobile Advertising Effectiveness Norms indicates that mobile continues to perform well in comparison to online campaigns. However, the gap between the two digital mediums is decreasing as compared to last year. Specifically, this gap has narrowed from four to five times as effective between 2007and 2009, to 2 to 3 times as effective for the 2009 to 2010 period. The reason behind this decrease is that online campaigns show an increase in effectiveness from 2009-2010.
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  • InsightExpress Announces First of Its Kind Ignite Network™

    by InsightExpress | Jan 13, 2011
    InsightExpress, a leading digital marketing research firm, announced today the launch of the Ignite Network, a series of partnerships with online panel companies that strategically aggregates several of the industry’s most recognized sample providers to offer unprecedented sample access, new data integration capabilities and greater methodological rigor to online advertising effectiveness and cross media research.
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  • Welcome!

    by Marc Ryan | Jan 06, 2011
    I’m really excited to announce that we are kicking off 2011 with our new research blog, InsightfulAnalytics! We hope you will find the blog fresh, informative, and a great starting place for valuable industry discourse.
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  • Three Validation Strategies for Testing Direct Mail

    by InsightExpress | Jan 04, 2011
    On November 9th, InsightExpress and MasterCard Advisors teamed up to present “Predicting Direct Mail Response Rates through Virtual Testing” at The Market Research Event, which took place in San Diego.
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